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Welcome to Vemma®!

For 16 years, New Vision has been committed to providing products to better your health and business. That's why we continually assess our operations based on trends established by our Team Members and Consumers. After careful consideration, we've decided to transfer New Vision business operations to our sister Company, Vemma Nutrition Company.

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Vemma is an international leader in premium liquid nutrition, positioned for abundant growth with a strong product line and an unparalleled business opportunity. And like New Vision, Vemma is focused on helping people live a better quality of life. We know you'll love being part of the Vemma family!

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The world's most powerful liquid antioxidant formula is found in all five Vemma products: Vemma, Vemma PM™, Vemma Verve®, Vemma THIRST™ and Vemma NEXT®. The ultra-premium ingredients, clinically studied formula and innovative delivery systems make it unique in the nutrition industry. In just one two-ounce serving, Vemma contains a full-spectrum of vitamins, plant-sourced minerals, mangosteen superfruit and glyconutrient-rich aloe.


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New Vision Team Members

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Our goal is to continue to offer your favorite New Vision products, along with new products and an enhanced business opportunity. A comparable and favorable spot has been selected for you within the Vemma organization. Access your Vemma Back Office with your current New Vision login and password to see all of the exciting changes!*

Get started with the Vemma Back Office:


New Vision Back Office Archive

*If you experience any login issues, please contact Vemma Brand Partner Services.

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Brand Partner Services

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Open Monday - Friday
from 7am to 6pm (MST)

Phone: 1-800-577-0777
Fax: 1-888-314-9827
Email: info@vemma.com